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Gardens on Stone

Garage Arbor and Patio Area


We had this terrible drop-off at the side of the garage due to the grade of the lot and the height of the foundation.  It did come in handy as a dumping area originally for rocks and dirt from areas of the yard that were leveled.  After settling for approx. 2 years we decided to put a walkway around the garage to the back patio. Simple landscaping with pachysandra was used to cover the slope. Of course like everything we do on the fly, it quickly grew into a full size Uni-Lock patio. And since we now had a patio it needed some sort of architectural structure! We then held true to form and over engineered an arbor and installed it over the patio.  The final step this spring will be to put vinyl railings around the arbor. It turned out to be a very nice place, maybe some furniture?


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