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Original Landscape

Original Yard 1988

     As you can see there wasn’t much to see the first full winter.  This lot was basically an old overgrown property. The center sloped from a ridge approx. 450 feet from the road. The house was placed on the north down slope of the ridge.

    The good news was that the front yard had a few trees originally.  The bad news was that they all died the next summer, probably from the heavy grading that had to be done to remove the brush from the front of the property. 

    The back however was dense growth from about 20 feet from the house to the back of the lot.  Over the next 3 three years we simply cut and burned our way through it, leaving the best trees, until we had close to 300 feet of open area behind the house.  Now the question was where to begin? It was so large it was overwhelming if you looked at it all at once. We spent the next 2-3 years simply raking, seeding, and picking stones up. By the summer of 1991 we had something resembling grass around most of the house. Now it was time to start something?



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