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Gardening has become our therapy. While we started in 1994 with a modest idea it quickly grew. As novices, we really had no idea where it would lead but quickly amassed a library of books to read. Having such a large space we knew whatever we did would have to be relatively maintenance free. Of course there really is no such thing but we've found that being very liberal with mulch early in the season goes a long way to trying to accomplish this. Our simple theory is to try almost anything you want and don't be afraid to change it. "If it dies, it didn't belong there. If it does well, repeat it elsewhere." Most people go to great lengths to make a plan and try to follow it to the letter. I hate to say that our plan, as it is, is in our heads. Enjoy the pictures!


We still have all the original links available for our garden photos.  The new thumbnail format allows for more pictures.


Original Yard Photos

Front Yard Landscaping

Rock Wall Garden

Pond Construction

Lower Patio area

Middle Gardens

Upper Gardens

Garage Arbor & Patio

Future Projects